"Butterfly Ballet"® Ovarian Cancer Awareness Earrings in Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver "Butterfly Ballet"® Cancer Awareness Earrings #4380
Item #4380

  • Polished Sterling Silver
  • Two Available Sizes: 25.4 and 34.5mm
  • Packed in Butterfly Ballet Pouch with Brochure

  • Sterling Silver "Butterfly Ballet"® Cancer Awareness Earrings #4380

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Sterling Silver "Butterfly Ballet"® Cancer Awareness Earrings #4380

Item Description

These sterling silver, "Butterfly Ballet"® cancer awareness earrings feature three dancers - one as the butterfly center and one in each wing.  These earrings are available in two sizes, 24.5 and 35.4mm (approximate 1", 1-3/8"), and are secured with french wire hooks; choose size from selection box above.  See this design as 14K Gold #4361.  Priced per pair.

These earrings were originally created as a pendant by Mike Maixner in 1984 as a birthday gift for his wife, dancer Danalee Maixner.  He later recreated the "Pas de Trois" (dance for three)  Butterfly Ballet pendant in response to his wife's death from ovarian cancer - as a tribute to her life and her love of dance.   A portion of the sales of all Butterfly jewelry goes towards awareness and funding in the battle against ovarian cancer, and towards fostering the love of dance.

Ovarian cancer is the fifth most common cancer among women.  It strikes one in sixty-nine women and causes more deaths than any other kind of female reproductive cancer.

Item Specifications
Sterling Silver Butterfly Ballet Earrings
Dimensions w/out hook (approx.)Length w/ hook (approx.)Silver weight
15 x 14mm (9/16" x 9/16")25.4mm (1") L 1.61g
20mm (13/16")L x 19mm (3/4")34.5mm (1-3/8") L2.70g
See our Jewelry Size/Weight Comparison Page for help visualizing sizes and weights.

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