St. Andrew Orthodox Crosses in Yellow or White Gold #5417

St. Andrew Orthodox Crosses in 14K Gold #5417

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St. Andrew Orthodox Crosses in 14K Gold #5417

Item Description

Crafted in polished 14K gold, this St. Andrew Orthodox cross utilizes three cross-bars.  The top bar symbolizes the placard on which was written the charge against Jesus.  The middle is where the hands of Christ were nailed, and the slanted, lower bar represents a footrest.  Available in two sizes, and in either yellow or white gold; choose color from selection box. 

For more information on styles of crosses and crucifixes, see our "Types of Crosses" guide
Item Specifications
St. Andrew Orthodox Crosses in 14K Yellow or White Gold
Dimensions (approx.)Gold weight
26mm (1")L x 15mm (9/16")W1.13g
32mm (1-1/4")L x 18mm (11/16")W1.60g
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