Wreath of Thorns Wedding Bands in 14K Yellow or White Gold #1397

Wreath of Thorns Wedding Bands in 14K Yellow or White Gold #1397

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Wreath of Thorns Wedding Bands in 14K Yellow or White Gold #1397

Item Description

This inspiring "Crown of Thorns" wedding ring is fashioned entirely in 14K gold with a striking thorn motif that wraps around the upper three-quarters of the band.  The satin-finished base creates a distinctive background for the high-polished thorns and border.  This design is available in either yellow or white, in both men's and women's sizes.  You may purchase one ring or both man's and woman's together as a specially priced set.  To view this design in alternate metals, see our 14K Rose #1582, 10K #1199 and #1583, and Sterling Silver #1200 Add optional engraving to this order.

The thorns design of this wedding band symbolizes the crown of thorns placed on the head of Christ the Lord during His voluntary Passion.  For the married couple, it is a reminder, not only of Christ's sacrifice and His love, but of how they are to love and sacrifice for one another.

* The prices shown are for the un-sized rings, approximately size 6 for women and size 10 for men (this can vary up to a full size larger or smaller).  If you wish to have your choice sized by us, the additional cost is indicated in the size selection box.  Please note that custom ring sizes, indicated by an asterisk (*), are non-returnable items and will require up to an additional three business days.  For help, consult our help page for determining your ring size and find out how to order our finger-sizing kit.

Item Specifications
Thorns Wedding Rings in 14K Yellow or White Gold #1397
Gold weight, women's size 66.70g
Gold weight, men's size 107.42g
Ring width, women's6.75mm
Ring width, men's6.1mm
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