Sterling Silver Wings of Remembrance™ Pendant--DISCONTINUED--NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Wings of Remembrance™ Pendant in Sterling Silver--NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Item Description

Worn in memory of a loved one who is gone, this meaningful pendant features a pair of hands releasing a beautiful dove.  Formed in 925 sterling silver, it measures approximately 1-1/8" in length and has a polished finish.  See also our Wings of Remembrance™ Pendant in 14K Gold #5029.  The story: After the sudden and tragic death of his wife, Peter Lewis created this beautiful Wings of Remembrance™ pendant to help him cope with her loss and bear witness to life together. 

A free 18" silver chain may be ordered with this pendant--to add this chain to your order, or to select a different style, use our pendant chain sale window to add it to your shopping cart. 

Item Specifications
Wings of Remembrance™ Pendant in Sterling Silver
Pendant Dimensions (approx.)Silver weight
31mm (1-1/4")L x 17.25mm (11/16")W3.14g
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