Husband & Family Mother's Key Brooches in Yellow or White Gold

Mother's Key Brooch, 10-Stone Capacity #6011
Item #6011
Gold Color

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  • A Fred Stowman Original Design
  • Ten Imitation Birthstones Included
  • Genuine gemstones also available
  • High-polished 14K Yellow or White Gold
  • Packed in our velvet gift box

  • Mother's Key Brooch, 10-Stone Capacity #6011

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Mother's Key Brooch, 10-Stone Capacity #6011

Item Description

Available in either high-polished 14K yellow or white gold, this meaningful, Mother's Key brooch is a designer original that makes a wonderful gift for your favorite mother.  The large stone represents a mother's heart and the love and care she gives her husband and children.  The center stone (#10) signifies the husband with the strength and stability he brings to the family.  Children (grandchildren) are represented with other birthstones on the key end and handle.  Any remaining stone locations can be filled with a stone of the same color (as with clear stones pictured in photo).  To see a diagram of locations, move cursor over diagram at left.  You must select a stone for each location

Price shown is for the completed key brooch with all imitation stones added.  This is a non-returnable, custom item which requires up to an additional 10 business days.

If you would like to fit your brooch with genuine gemstones, please call or email us with your instructions so that we may quote a price for you.  Genuine stones will add between $20 and $300 each, depending upon type of stone and its quality.  See our Birthstone Information page to learn more about these gemstones.

Item Specifications
Artificial and Genuine Birthstones by Month
Jan: GarnetFeb: AmethystMar: AquamarineApr: Diamond
May: EmeraldJun: AlexandriteJul: RubyAug: Peridot
Sep: Blue SapphireOct: Pink TourmalineNov: CitrineDec: Blue Zircon
Custom Mother's Key Brooch in Yellow or White Gold
Dimensions (approx.)38mm (1-1/2")H x 13mm (1/2")W
Gold weight4.16g
Imitation birthstone count/dimensions1, 7x7mm heart-shape;
5, 3.5mm round;
4, 3mm round
See our Jewelry Size/Weight Comparison Page for help visualizing sizes and weights. is ranked 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 282 total votes with 175 written reviews