Holy Communion Medals in Yellow Gold #8098

Gold Holy Communion Medals #8098



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Gold Holy Communion Medals #8098

Item Description

Adorning the matte-finished center of this pretty, 14K yellow gold Holy Communion medal is a chalice, an inscription "IHS", and two cherubim, one on each side. ("IHS" is a Latin abbreviation: Iesus Hominum Salvator, or "Jesus, Savior of Men").  Extra detail is added with beams of light that emanate from the inscription, and with clouds beneath the chalice and cherubim.  Available in two sizes, it can be worn as either a charm or a small pendant.  See this same design in our Holy Communion Medal in Sterling Silver #8099 Add optional engraving to this order.

Item Specifications
Holy Communion Medal in 14K Yellow Gold
Diameter, excluding bail (approx.)Gold weight
15mm (9/16")1.26g
20mm (11/16")2.39g
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