St. Florian Firefighter Cross Medals in Sterling Silver with Chain #8133

Sterling Silver St. Florian Firefighter Medals with Chain #8133



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Sterling Silver St. Florian Firefighter Medals with Chain #8133

Item Description

This sterling silver firefighter cross medallion is fashioned with a matte-finished background and depicts St. Florian pouring water on a burning building.  The medal reads, "St. Florian Protect Us"; the "F D" stands for Firefighting Division.  Available in two sizes: 16.75mm with 18" chain and 25mm with 24" chain.  Longer continuous chains (no bail) are available for an additional cost; choose from selection menu.  Packaged in a lovely, blue velvet gift box.  To view in 14K gold, see our #8134.  Add optional engraving to this order.

St. Florian, known by many as the patron saint of firefighters, was a commander in the Roman army during the reign of the Emperor Diocletian.  Sentenced to death by fire for his faith, he was beaten and scourged, then drowned in the Enns River with a stone tied around his neck.  His body was found by a pious woman, who gave him a fitting burial.  He is often shown with a container of water, as he is reputed to have saved a town from burning with a bucket of water.  His feast day is celebrated on May 4.

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Item Specifications
St. Florian Firefighter Medals in Sterling Silver with Chain
Dimensions, w/o bail (approx.)Silver weight with chain
16.75 x 16.75mm (5/8 x 5/8")1.63g
25 x 25mm (1 x 1")10.42g
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