Round St. Christopher Medals in Yellow or White Gold #8179

  • Round St. Christopher Medals in 14K Gold #8179

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Round St. Christopher Medals in 14K Gold #8179

Item Description

Fashioned in solid 14K gold, this round, St. Christopher medal features the Saint with his staff, carrying the Christ-child through water.  He is depicted with his hand raised in blessing.  It's center is matte-finished; the border is polished and reads "Protect Us".  Can be purchased as either yellow or white in seven sizes: 15, 18, 20, 23, 25, 29 and 33mm.  Select color from selection boxes above (the 23, 25, 29 and 33mm sizes are available in yellow only).  See this design also as our Sterling Silver Medal #8180 and Hollow, 14K Gold Medallion #8181.

St. Christopher (3rd century) is known by many as the protector of travelers.  Some traditions say that he was a man of great strength whose livelihood was carrying people across a raging river - he is said to have carried the child Christ across one day.  A martyr for Christ, his feast day is celebrated on May 9.

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Item Specifications
St. Christopher Medals in Yellow or White Gold
Diameter, excluding bail (approx.)Gold weight
15mm (9/16")1.25g
18mm (11/16")2.05g
20mm (3/4")2.49g
23mm (7/8") yellow gold only4.74g
25mm (1") yellow gold only5.48g
29mm (1-1/8") yellow gold only8.24g
33mm (1-5/16") yellow gold only10.14g
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