Round St. Francis of Assisi Medals in Yellow or White Gold #8198

  • Round St. Francis of Assisi Medals in 14K Gold #8198

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Round St. Francis of Assisi Medals in 14K Gold #8198

Item Description

This round, St. Francis of Assisi medal is fashioned with a matte-finished center featuring the Saint holding a large crucifix.  Prayer beads hang from his left arm.  The polished border reads "Saint Francis of Assisi Pray For Us".  Available  in four sizes: 15, 18, 22 and 25mm, and in either yellow or white (the 22 and 25mm sizes are available in yellow only).  Select color from selection box above.  See this design also in our Sterling Silver Medal #8199

St. Francis of Assisi is regarded by many as the patron saint of animals and ecology.  In his early 20's, he renounced his wealth, and embracing poverty, began restoring churches in response to God's call.  Founder of the Franciscans, he lived his life preaching to both man and beast the ability and duty of all creatures to praise God, and to care for nature as stewards of God's creation.

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Item Specifications
Round St. Francis Medals in Yellow or White Gold
Diameter (approx.)Gold weight
15mm (9/16")1.38g
18mm (11/16")2.47g
22mm (7/8") yellow gold only3.92g
25mm (1") yellow gold only5.46g
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