Our Entire Collection of Gold, Silver, Platinum and Stainless Steel Crosses & Crucifixes

    Our collections of hundreds of precious metal and gemstone cross and crucifix pendants on one page--styles in gold, sterling silver, platinum and stainless steel.  To see these crosses by individual collection, go to our Cross & Crucifix Pendants page.  
    For more information on styles of crosses and crucifixes, see our "Types of Crosses" guide

    Orthodox and Celtic Cross Pendants in Gold and Silver

    Orthodox Cross Pendants (Eastern Christian) in 14K Gold and Sterling Silver

    Celtic Cross Pendants (Ancient European Christian) in 14K Gold and Sterling Silver

    Gold Cross Pendants in Assorted Styles

    Four-Way and Military Cross Pendants in 14K Gold:

    Assorted Cross Pendants in 14K Gold: Nail, "Woodgrain" and Rope Design Cross Pendants,
    Shroud, Wedding, Latin Style, Holy Spirit, Tau and Chi Rho Cross Pendants:

    Gold Floral, Filigree, Trefoil and Widow's Mite Cross Pendants

    Sterling Silver Cross Pendants and Cross Necklaces (without gemstones)

    Sterling Silver Orthodox and Celtic Cross Pendants:

    Large Sterling Silver Cross Pendants: Nail, "Woodgrain", Rope, Ichthus, Open-work, Dog Tags

    Assorted Sterling Silver Cross Pendants: Four-way, Military, Trefoil, Latin, Holy Spirit, Franciscan Tau, Ichthus and More

    Sterling Silver CZ Cross Pendants and Cross Necklaces

    Platinum Cross Pendants

    Sterling Silver Crosses with Gemstones

    Gold Cross Pendants with Diamonds and Gemstones

    Crucifix Pendants in Gold and Silver

    Gold Crucifix Pendants in multiple sizes, Children's Crucifix Necklaces

    Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel Crucifix Pendants, with chain

    Religious Jewelry for Children in 14K Gold

    Kinds of Crosses--what the different designs mean

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