How to Match a Lost Earring at

How to Match a Lost Earring at

Have you ever wanted to match a lost earring from a pair, but did not know where to start? It's no wonder that folks want to match the old earrings, especially if the original set was purchased years ago, because the cost of gold earrings has more than doubled in the last several years. If you lose one, it would be preferable to simply replace it and not have to purchase a pair, leaving the old orphaned earring to languish in your jewelry box!

The problem is, however, that earrings are manufactured by many different companies, and are discontinued or re-designed on a regular basis. Some styles are rather consistent, like huggies, but even these can be problematic. So, here is how to proceed:

First, consult our Earring Selections to find a style that closely matches the one you are looking for.

Next, check the inside of your earring to see if you can find a maker's mark, which is the logo of the jewelry manufacturer.

dial caliper illustrationThen, measure the size of the earring, using the picture above for the dimensions. The best way to measure is with a set of dial calipers, in units of millimeters (mm), illustrated here measuring a huggie earring that is 5mm wide. It is best to measure in millimeters because small differences are difficult to measure in fractions of inches--for instance, 1/16 inch is about 1.6 mm.

With this information, you should be able to select a size earring from our website which is close to your old one. If you do not have access to calipers, you can take a close-up photograph (or a scan) of your old earring, and include in the photo a US coin which is similar in size. See our Helper Page for Jewelry Dimensions for size illustrations of various US coins. Email the photograph or scan to us, along with any information you have learned about the manufacturer, and we will use the picture to determine the measurements of your earring. We will then suggest one that matches from our website, if we have a style that is a close match.

Check out our blog entry, Matching a Lost Earring--a Sucess Story, to see an example of how we have helped our customers in the past, and read below to see how we can help you match your lost earring with one from our store.

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