Domed Wedding Bands, Traditional "Half-Round" Style in 14K White or Yellow Gold #1214

  • Gold, Domed Wedding Rings, "Half-Round" #1214

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Gold, Domed Wedding Rings, "Half-Round" #1214

Item Description

These traditional "half-round" or "domed" style 14K gold wedding rings have a cross-section which is flat on the inside (finger side) and domed on the top, this version has a center thickness of about 1.2mm (see illustration below).  For average hand sizes, we suggest a 3mm width for the bride and 6mm for the groom.  Some size and width combinations may not be stocked and will require additional time for manufacture--we will notify you if your order is affected.  Add optional engraving to this order.

The prices shown are for a size 4 in each width--larger sizes will show the incremental price increase in selection box.  For help, consult our help page for determining your ring size and find out how to order our finger-sizing kit.  Consult the table below for gold weights for full-sizes--you may interpolate between columns for half-size weights.

Item Specifications

Domed 14K Gold "Half-Round" Band (1.2mm) Gold Weight in Grams

Finger Size4 456789101112
3mm width1.9g2.0g2.2g2.2g2.3g2.4g2.5g2.6g2.7g
4mm width2.5g2.7g2.8g2.9g3.1g3.2g3.3g3.5g3.6g
5mm width3.1g3.3g3.4g3.6g3.8g3.9g4.1g4.2g4.4g
6mm width3.7g3.9g4.1g4.3g4.5g4.7g4.9g5.1g5.3g
7mm width4.3g4.5g4.8g5.0g5.2g5.4g5.6g5.9g6.1g
8mm width4.9g5.1g5.4g5.6g5.9g6.2g6.4g6.7g6.9g
See our Jewelry Size/Weight Comparison Page for help visualizing sizes and weights. is ranked 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 282 total votes with 175 written reviews