How to Order Customized Diamond Rings

Specify Your Unique Ring from Viridian Gold

Often, a customer will be drawn to one of our ring designs, but would prefer the diamond to be larger, or perhaps would like to substitute a different type of stone for the diamond.  We are able to accommodate these wishes, and many other types of modifications to the designs shown on our website. For example, the #1023 with a 3/4 Carat diamond was prepared for one of our customers and is pictured here.  

Here's how the process works:

1. Choose one of our standard website items which you wish to have modified.

2. Call us at 1-737-900-3450 or email us at with your request.  Give us the item number from our website, for instance, #1023 set, and tell us what you wish to have modified.  If you want a larger diamond for the engagement ring, then tell us what size you wish--you can request pricing for several sizes, such as 1/3, 1/2, and 3/4 carat.  If you know the  quality of the diamond you want, please specify (that is: color, clarity, cut), or ask us to help you with that decision.  Keep in mind that diamond quality can have a huge effect on the cost of the diamond, easily two or three times cost difference between lower and higher quality stones of the same size.  Our larger diamonds will always include a grading certificate from a reputable diamond grading laboratory so that you can be assured that you are actually provided the diamond quality that you paid for.  (Don't ever buy a diamond larger than 1/4 carat on the internet without a certification report from a reputable lab!)

3. A day or two later, we will provide you with a quotation for the modification.  This will include all costs for the modification, and costs for ring sizing.  Modification cost will be expressed as a price to be added to the normal website ring or set.

4. If you decide to order, you will need to place the order over the telephone during our normal business hours of 10am to 4pm Central Time, Monday through Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon.  Custom orders will usually take an extra two weeks for crafting, and sometimes longer if a component is out of stock, so make sure you place your order well in advance of when you need the rings.  A signature will be required upon delivery.  As per our return policy, customized items cannot be returned for credit. 

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