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Welcome to's multi-page glossary of terms that are used in our website.  Use the index below to jump to the desired information. See also our helpful Jewelry Tips and Tricks page for how-to articles on various jewelry subjects.

Index of all Terms and Categories

Anniversary gemstones: 

While less well-known than the birthstones associations, the major US jewelry and gemstone associations have agreed on the following list as a helpful guide for selecting anniversary gifts. To find specific gemstones on our website, just click in the search box on the upper left of your screen and enter your search terms.

Year Gemstone Year Gemstone
1 Gold Jewelry 18 Catseye Chrysoberyl
2 Garnet 19 Aquamarine
3 Pearl 20 Emerald
4 Blue Topaz 21 Iolite
5 Sapphire 22 Spinel
6 Amethyst 23 Imperial Topaz
7 Onyx 24 Tanzanite
8 Tourmaline 25 Silver Jubilee
9 Lapis Lazuli 30 Pearl Jubilee
10 Diamond 35 Emerald
11 Turquoise 40 Ruby
12 Jade 45 Sapphire
13 Citrine 50 Golden Jubilee
14 Opal 55 Alexandrite
15 Ruby 60 Diamond Jubilee
16 Peridot 70 Sapphire Jubilee
17 Watches 80 Ruby Jubilee


The assignment of gemstones to birth months has been a popular lore from at least the first century.  The associations have changed over the years, but in 1952 the following list was adopted by the major jewelry associations.  Use it to help you configure one of our beautiful gemstone-studded Birthstone Jewelry items.

Month Birthstone Alternate
January Garnet  
February Amethyst  
March Aquamarine Bloodstone
April Diamond  
May Emerald  
June Pearl Moonstone or Alexandrite
July Ruby  
August Sardonyx Peridot
September Sapphire  
October Opal Tourmaline
November Topaz Citrine
December Turquoise Tanzanite, zircon


Below are a few of the types of bracelets that you are likely to see in the bracelet selection:

  • Anklet or Ankle Bracelet: A small bracelet worn about the ankle--usually 9-10 inches in length.
  • Bangles: Non-flexible bracelets which, without a clasp, may slip over the hand, or with a clasp, may be opened to fit more securely on the wrist.
  • Chain Bracelets: Typically 7 or 8 inches in length, these bracelets are simply shorter versions of necklaces with similar clasp designs.
  • Charm Bracelets: Worn for centuries, charm bracelets mushroomed in popularity in this country after WWII when returning soldiers brought back charms from foreign countries, and movie stars began to wear them in hit films.  Each charm represents something memorable for the wearer, so that the bracelet becomes a "life story" set in jewelry.  If you know that your loved one wears a charm bracelet, then an additional charm (in the right metal color) makes an ideal gift. 
  • Cuff Bracelets: A wide bangle with a narrow opening on one side to allow the the wrist to pass through.
  • Identity Bracelets: Not just for vanity, the ID bracelet can also carry important medical information which may be used to inform medical personnel of an individual's allergies and chronic conditions. 
  • Line or Station Bracelets: So called because the bracelet is composed of a line of repeating units, linked together, such as mounted gemstones or metal designs.
  • Stampato:  Similar to a Line Bracelet, except the pattern is composed of metal only.  Stampato is the Italian word for "printed", indicating that the pattern is stamped, or duplicated.
  • Stretch Bracelets:  This style is usually composed pearls strung on elastic material which causes the bracelet to closely hug the wrist.

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