Domed Wedding Bands, Heavy "Comfort Fit" Style in 14K Yellow or White Gold #1218

Gold, Domed Wedding Rings, Heavy "Comfort Fit" #1218

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Gold, Domed Wedding Rings, Heavy "Comfort Fit" #1218

Item Description

Our heavy gold, domed "comfort fit" style wedding ring has a cross-section which is slightly rounded on the inside (finger side) and domed on the top, providing a substantial ring with a thickness of 2.25mm (see illustration below).  Also consider our standard Comfort Fit style which offers a slightly less-thick cross-section at a lower price.  For average hand sizes, we suggest a 3mm width for the bride and 6mm for the groom.  Some size and width combinations may not be stocked and will require additional time for manufacture--we will notify you if your order is affected.  Add optional engraving to this order.

The prices shown are for a size 4 in each width--larger sizes will show the incremental price increase in selection box.  For help, consult our help page for determining your ring size and find out how to order our finger-sizing kit!  Consult the table below for platinum weights for full-sizes--you may interpolate between columns for half-size weights.

Item Specifications

14K Gold "Comfort Fit" Band (2.25mm) Gold Weight in Grams

Finger Size4 456789101112
3mm width3.9g4.1g4.3g4.5g4.7g4.8g5.0g5.2g5.4g
4mm width5.1g5.4g5.6g5.9g6.1g6.4g6.6g6.9g7.1g
5mm width6.4g6.7g7.0g7.2g7.5g7.8g8.1g8.4g8.7g
6mm width7.6g7.9g8.3g8.6g9.0g9.3g9.7g10.0g10.4g
7mm width8.7g9.2g9.6g10.0g10.4g10.8g11.2g11.6g12.0g
8mm width10.0g10.5g11.0g11.4g11.9g12.4g12.8g13.3g13.8g
See our Jewelry Size/Weight Comparison Page for help visualizing sizes and weights. is ranked 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 282 total votes with 175 written reviews