"Jesus" Ring in Sterling Silver #1342

Silver "Jesus" Rings #1342

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Silver "Jesus" Rings #1342

Item Description

High-polished sterling silver is fashioned into this deeply-cut, "Name of Jesus" ring.  Available in both men's and women's sizes, it can be worn as a proclamation of faith or as a chastity ring (see paragraph below).  To view this ring alternate metals, see our "Jesus" Rings in 10K-14K Gold #1340

Packaging for this ring is available in either our standard velvet gift box, or in a special chastity gift set (includes gift box, pouch and gift card).  The gift card includes a poem about virtue; the first two and last two lines read: "The Chastity Ring: This ring's a special symbol of the promise that I've made.  With your help, O Lord, I know, its glow will never fade. ... The world calls this old fashioned: still, I'll wait--it's just a while.  For Honor, Truth, and Faithfulness are never out of style."

The prices shown are for our whole stock sizes: 4-8 for women and 8-12 for men.  If you wish to order a size other than a stocked size, the additional cost is indicated in the size selection box.  Please note that custom ring sizes, indicated by an asterisk (*), are non-returnable items and require an additional three business days.  For help, consult our help page for determining your ring size and find out how to order our finger-sizing kit.

Item Specifications
Name of "Jesus" Ring in Sterling Silver #1342
Man's Ring (size 10)Woman's Ring (size 6)
Silver weight5.05g3.00g
Ring width (approx.)top 5.5mm
base 3mm
top 5.0mm
base 3mm
See our Jewelry Size/Weight Comparison Page for help visualizing sizes and weights.

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