"Fight Against Child Abuse" Necklace in Sterling Silver

  • Sterling Silver "Fight Against Child Abuse" Necklace #2250

  • 10 Imitation Blue Sapphires
  • Tarnish-resistant Rhodium-plated Sterling Silver
  • 18" Rhodium-plated Sterling Cable Chain
  • Packaged in Inspirational Blessings gift box

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Sterling Silver "Fight Against Child Abuse" Necklace #2250

Item Description

This "Fight Against Child Abuse" necklace is crafted from rhodium plated sterling silver with an awareness ribbon design that is adorned with ten, heart-shaped, imitation blue sapphire stones.  The other side of the ribbon features two, small, cut-out hearts and a child's, cut-out hand print.  A Deborah Birdoes designer original, this item measures approximately 1" in length and includes an 18" silver chain.

A gift card, "Fight Against Child Abuse", which includes statistics on child abuse, comes with this necklace, and concludes with the following: "Wear this pendant as a reminder that child abuse is not a small matter.  It messes with kids and it ruins their lives.  If one suspects that a child is being harmed, they should err on the side of caution.  If it looks suspicious, it probably is.  It is important that we be the voice for the abused." Deborah J Birdoes ©

Item Specifications
"Fight Against Child Abuse" Necklace in Sterling Silver
Dimensions (approx.)Length 24.90mm (1")L x 13mm (1/2")W
Imitation Sapphire count10 heart-shaped
Silver weight4.00g
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