12mm Birthstone Angel Earrings

  • 12MM Gold "With Me Always" Birthstone Angel Earrings #437012
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12MM Gold "With Me Always" Birthstone Angel Earrings #437012

Item Description
These 12mm "With me Always" birthstone angel earrings are fashioned from 14K yellow gold and measure approximately 1/2" in length. Available in twelve different artificial gemstones, one for each month of the year (pictured with July and Sept. birthstones).
Item Specifications
Artificial and Genuine Birthstones by Month
Jan: GarnetFeb: AmethystMar: AquamarineApr: Diamond
May: EmeraldJun: AlexandriteJul: RubyAug: Peridot
Sep: Blue SapphireOct: Pink TourmalineNov: CitrineDec: Blue Zircon
14K Yellow Gold Birthstone Angel Earrings
Dimensions, excluding post (approx.)Stone count, diameterGold weight/pair
15.5mm (5/8")H x 9.5mm (3/8")W2, 4mm1.52g
12mm (1/2")L x 7mm (1/4")W2, 3mm1.46g
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