43mm x 26mm St. Olga Orthodox Cross in Sterling Silver #506443

St. Olga Orthodox Cross in Sterling Silver #506443

  • High-polished Sterling Silver
  • Traditional Three-Bar Orthodox Cross
  • Greek Lettering "IC" "XC" for Jesus Christ

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St. Olga Orthodox Cross in Sterling Silver #506443

Item Description

The classic St. Olga Orthodox Cross in sterling silver features the letters "IC" and "XC" which are the Greek abbreviations for the name Jesus Christ. The cross also has the three bars which are typical of Orthodox Crosses. The short, upper bar represents the sign that Pontius Pilate had hung over the head of Jesus which read "Jesus Christ, King of the Jews." The short, lower bar represents the place where Jesus rested his feet. The short, lower bar is diagonal, representing the two thieves crucified next to Jesus. The side pointing up represents the thief who confessed faith in Christ. The side pointing down represents the thief who cursed Christ. The starburst above the cross represents the Light of Christ. You may select a chain from the drop down menu above or go to our page for pendant chains in a variety of sizes and styles.

Item Specifications
St. Olga Orthodox Cross
Cross Measurements19mm x 13mm (approx. 3/4" x 1/2")26mm x 17mm (approx. 1" x 3/5")35mm x 21mm (approx. 1 3/8" x 4/5")43mm x 26mm (approx. 1 11/16 x" x 1")
Silver Weight0.96g1.6g2.37g3.63g
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