• 14mm Autism Awareness Lock Pendant in 14K Yellow or White Gold #511814

14mm Autism Awareness Lock Pendant

Item Description

This 14mm autism awareness lock pendant measures approximately 9/16” in length and is fashioned from 14K gold in the shape of puzzle piece.  The keyhole is actually cut-out, but is solid beneath the recessed area.  Available in either yellow or white, as well as in a larger, 27mm size.  Choose color from the selection box above.  Packaged in our velvet gift box.  To view in sterling silver, see our #5060; to view the companion key pendant, see #5293

Item Specifications
Autism Awareness Lock Pendant in 14K Gold
Dimensions (approx.)Gold weight
14mm (9/16")L x 10.5mm (7/16")W1.97g
27mm (1-1/16")L x 20mm (13/16")W7.82g
See our Jewelry Size/Weight Comparison Page for help visualizing sizes and weights.

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