• Gold Butterfly of Life® Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Charm #5194c

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Charm in 14K Yellow Gold

Item Description
This 12.25mm length (1/2"), Butterfly of Life® pancreatic cancer awareness charm is designed from 14K yellow gold with a genuine, amethyst gemstone, AA quality. Purple is also the color that represents testicular cancer and leiomysarcoma (LMS).
Item Specifications
Butterfly of Life® Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Pendant or Charm
Dimensions (approx.)19.5 x 19.25mm (3/4 x 3/4")12.25 x 12mm (1/2 x1/2")
Gold weight2.05g0.70g
Amethyst count1, 2mm round, faceted
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