43mm 14K Gold Three-Nail Cross

43mm 14K Gold Three-Nail Cross #525543
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43mm 14K Gold Three-Nail Cross #525543

Item Description
This high-polished, 43mm (1-11/16") 14K yellow or white gold three-nail cross features a cross of three gold nails, representing both the cross of the Crucifixion and the nails that pierced Christ's hands and feet. Also available in smaller, 34mm length.
For more information on styles of crosses and crucifixes, see our "Types of Crosses" guide
Item Specifications
14K Yellow or White Gold Three-Nail Crosses
Dimensions (approx.)Gold weight
34mm (1-5/16")L x 24mm (15/16")W3.85g
43mm (1-11/16")L x 29.50mm (1-3/16")W9.47g
See our Jewelry Size/Weight Comparison Page for help visualizing sizes and weights.

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