Budded Orthodox Cross in 14K Yellow Gold #5806

  • Budded Orthodox Cross 14K Yellow Gold #5806



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Budded Orthodox Cross 14K Yellow Gold #5806

Item Description

This classic Budded Orthodox Cross in sterling silver features the letters "IC" and "XC" which are the Greek abbreviations for the name Jesus Christ. A cross with circles or discs on the end of each arm. The budded cross can be fashioned with anywhere from a single to five buds per cross end, each arrangement having its own symbolism. This three bud, budded cross, represents the Trinity: God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The three-budded cross is also sometimes called the Apostles Cross, with each bud representing one of the twelve Apostles. You may select a chain from the drop down menu above or go to our page for pendant chains in a variety of sizes and styles.

Item Specifications
Budded Orthodox Cross in Solid 14K Yellow Gold
Cross Measurements25mm x 16mm (approx. 1" x 5/8")31mm x 19mm (approx. 1 3/16" x 3/4")33mm x 21mm (approx. 1 5/16" x 13/16")
Gold Weight1.26g1.6g2.1g
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