St. Peregrine Laziosi Cancer Medals in 14K Yellow or White Gold #8058

St. Peregrine Cancer Medals in Yellow or White Gold #8058





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St. Peregrine Cancer Medals in Yellow or White Gold #8058

Item Description
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This engravable, round St. Peregrine Medal is fashioned from 14K gold and depicts the saint praying in the heavenlies, his leg and foot exposed.  The background is matte-finished, the image is polished.  The outer border reads, "Saint Peregrine Pray to God for Us".  Available in three sizes: 15, 18 and 22mm (white gold available in 18mm only).  Packaged in our velvet gift box.  To view in sterling silver, see our #8219.  Add optional engraving to this order.

St Peregrine (also Peregrinus) was born in 1260 in northern Italy.  Joining the Servants of Mary, or the Servites, as a young man, he was received by St. Philip Benizi, a superior whom Peregrine had slapped once during his youth.  As part of his penance, St. Peregrine chose to stand anytime it was unnecessary to sit.  As a result, he developed cancer on his leg and foot.  Just prior to his scheduled surgery for foot amputation, he was miraculously healed after spending many hours in prayer.  He is considered in some traditions as the patron saint of those suffering from cancer.  His feast day is celebrated on May 1.

Item Specifications
St. Peregrine Medal in Yellow or White Gold
Diameter, w/out bail (approx.)Gold weight
15mm (9/16") (yellow only)1.45g
18mm (11/16")2.41g
22mm (7/8") (yellow only)3.92g
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