18mm Round St. George Medal

  • 18MM St. George Medal in 14K Yellow or White Gold #814618
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  • Polished and Matte-Finished 14K Yellow or White Gold
  • 3 Available Sizes
  • Engravable Back
  • Specially Priced Chains Available

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18MM St. George Medal in 14K Yellow or White Gold #814618

Item Description
This 18mm round George medal is fashioned with 4K gold and features the saint battling a dragon; the background is matte-finished; the image is polished. The outer border reads "Saint George Pray for Us"; the center portion reads "Sanctus Georgius Sequituir Patronus". Available in yellow or white, as well as in 15 and 22mm sizes. Select color from the selection box above. Packaged in a Viridian Gold velvet gift box.
Item Specifications
St. George Medals in Yellow or White Gold
Diameter, excluding bail (approx.)Gold weight
15mm (9/16")1.32g
18mm (11/16")2.39g
22mm (7/8")3.92g
See our Jewelry Size/Weight Comparison Page for help visualizing sizes and weights.

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