Valentine's Day Gifts from $250 to $500 from Viridian Gold

    Valentine's Day Gifts from $250 to $500 from Viridian Gold

    Look no further to find high-quality Valentine's Day gifts from $250 to $500 for your employees or loved ones, without skimping on quality.  In this section, we have selected gifts in both sterling silver and gold which include jewelry and non-jewelry items for men and women.  If you would like to see items in a different price range, check out our Gifts Under $100, Gifts $100-$250, and Gifts over $500.

    Gold Rings $250-$500

    Bracelets in Gold and Sterling Silver $250-$500

    Gold Lockets $250-$500

    Slides and Pendants in Gold and Platinum $250-$500

    Pearl Jewelry $250-$500

    Gemstone Jewelry $250-$500

    Birthstone Jewelry: Pendants and Rings $250-$500

    Diamond Pendants and Necklaces $250-$500

    Diamond Earrings and Earring Jackets $250-$500

    Religious Jewelry $250-$500

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