"Rugged Cross" Rings in 10K-14K Yellow or White Gold #1310

"Rugged Cross" Rings in 10K-14K Gold #1310

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"Rugged Cross" Rings in 10K-14K Gold #1310

Item Description

This bold, cross ring is crafted from high-polished gold, and is fashioned with a wood grain design to give the appearance of a "rugged" cross.  Available in either 14K yellow or white gold, or 10K yellow, and comes in both men's and women's sizes (prices shown are for yellow; white is an additional amount).  Can be worn either as a chastity ring, or as a proclamation of faith.  For alternate metal, see our Sterling Silver Rugged Cross Rings #1315

Packaging is available in either our standard velvet gift box, or in a special, chastity gift set (includes gift box, pouch and gift card).  The gift card includes a poem about virtue; the first two and last two lines follow: "The Rugged Cross: Manly was His virtue.  Steady was His gaze. 'Who is this that even stormy wind and sea obeys?'  ... Now when I'm tired and tempted I'll remember, He is Boss; and lovingly remember He, too, wore a Rugged Cross."

The prices shown are for a woman's stock size 6 and a man's size 10 ring, with a slight increase or decrease in price for our whole stock sizes, 4 through 8 for women and 8-12 for men.  If you wish to order a size other than a stocked size, the additional cost is indicated in the size selection box.  Please note that custom-sized rings, indicated by an asterisk (*), are non-returnable items and require an additional three business days.  For help, consult our help page for determining your ring size and find out how to order our finger-sizing kit.

For more information on styles of crosses and crucifixes, see our "Types of Crosses" guide
Item Specifications
10-14K Yellow or White Gold Rugged Cross Rings #1009
Men's Size 10Women's Size 6
14K Gold weight 7.99g3.84g
10K Gold weight 6.78g3.52g
Ring width (approx.)top 15.25mm (5/8")
base 3.75mm
top 9.5mm (3/8")
base 2.1mm
See our Jewelry Size/Weight Comparison Page for help visualizing sizes and weights.
Christmas is Fri. Dec. 25. For arrival by Christmas Eve, latest order date for stock items is 1PM Wed. Dec. 16 (free shipping) or Wed. Dec. 23 (overnight). Custom orders take longer, weather and carrier workload add delays, so order early!

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